Questionnaires e-meta

Questionnaires to support your projects and/or processes of change in different contexts. These are tools to facilitate the reflection of experiences and development of competences.

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Questionnaire: Interaction and Communication

Individual preparation on reflection processes
Circle of surveys for projects and organizational units




Questionnaire: Learning and capacity development

Individual preparation for a seminar on feedback and perspective. Circle of surveys for leaders and specialists 



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Questionnaire: Learning culture

Individual preparation of a seminar for realization and preparation.
Circle of surveys for learners and lecturers.


The teaching methods for processes of change and the online platform e-meta are developed by Metaaccion, S.A. The Processes of Change Certification from Metaaccion provides access to the electronic platform to manage survey campaigns prepare information and material for the seminars and the participants and to facilitate events with a wide range of different groups. In addition, the certification enables to train and facilitate leadership and to develop necessary competences. The advantage of this process is the application of active learning and the immediate implementation of results.